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Meet the Team

Dayle McLeod
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Zwelibanzi Tshabalala
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Yonela Masumpa:
Producer/Production Manager

Kwanele Mvundlela:
Camera Assistant

Chantal Dos Santos:
Grant & Development Writer

Check out Footage from the Impande (school) that we will be Travelling to in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa

Budget Break Down:

Travel & Accomodation: $10,000.00 CAD
Training & Initiation Fees: $6,500.00 CAD
Equiptment: $10,000.00 CAD
Crew: $12,000.00 CAD
Insurance, Business Admin, Research & Grant Writing: $5,500.00 CAD

Total: $44,000.00 CAD

How we Are Giving Back

A portion of our eventual profits  will go towards supporting Indigenous African Peoples through the IPACC

Learn More about the IPACC

A portion of our eventual profits will go towards supporting CAMH and their incredible initiatives for blending shamanism in their mental health tool kits.

Other Ways to Support:

Get a Copy of Dayle's Memoir

Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel to alternate dimensions? What would you do if you found yourself stuck in an alternate reality where things stranger and more terrifying than you've ever dreamed could happen? That’s exactly what happened to Dayle McLeod in her new memoir 'The Big Dream'. After drinking Ayahuasca in Ojai CA on the winter solstice of 2014, Dayle McLeod couldn't exit the dream realm that the hallucinogens brought her to. For forty days she lived inside epic visions and hallucinations where she was sent on an Earth-saving mission that nearly killed her. She woke up in the psych ward of an L.A hospital with doctors telling her she had gone nuts; but an old Native American Jungian Psychologist saw things differently; and that is where the real adventure begins. Open this book and allow this fascinating and profound true-story blow your mind and awaken your soul.

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