A Note from the Writer/Director about the film:

The planet is dying at the hands of Capitalism. Police continue to murder black, indigenous and people of color. Bodies of Children are being found all over North American Residential Schools.

These problems are all connected and  share the same root- Colonization. 

In order for Colonization to work, Colonizers convinced themselves of their God Given Racial Superiority claiming that as white people, they were made in the image and likeness of God, while Indigenous peoples were created from Monkeys and were therefore not human. Being not-human made it easy for Colonizers to commit horrifying acts of violence to dominate and control the land for the extraction of natural resources to sell and make Europe rich while desecrating Indigneous communities. 

My personal story of  being called out of my colonized conditioning and into Indigenous Shamanic practice in Modern Day Western society speaks directly to the solution to the reverberating problems of colonization today.

Shamans, healers, saints, sages, witches  are the people called to do the work required for humans to stay in good, harmonious, symbiosis with the earth.

They are also the ones who taught people how to be in good relationship with each other inside our families, communities, countries and globe.

Shamans were the keepers of tribal mental health, and their ways didn't involve a hierarchy of priests, or fancy buildings, their medicine was simple, practical and available to all. Without them, our world is falling apart. Colonializm made Indigenous spiritual practice illegal and punishable by death, erasing the practice from society. Colonialism also demonized the mental illness that shamans go through in order to be initiated into the spirit world. So instead of being properly initiated and mentored,  these organically called shamans are being thrown into psychiatric wards and ending up on the street. I believe these healers deserve to be rehabiliated, treated with respect, properly initiated and given their honorable place in society to do the healing work they were made to do. 

Im telling my story now because this is what happened to me, and People of the Africa diaspora and Indigenous peoples of North America are waking up to their ancestors calling of returning to their original shamanic and indigenous ways of living as the answer to climate change. I believe the power of storytelling to create cultural change is unmatched by anything else. 

There is a reckoning happening with the colonial system of police, the Catholic Church, and healing is necessary in order to move forward. Women are waking up to reclaim their sacred stories from the hands of power who would pervert them for power and money. 

This documentary is a provocative & empowering story of identity reclamation,  an inspiring true tale of the power of truth seeking and truth telling. 

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Chantal Dos Santos:
Grant & Development Writer

The Ancestors: Ones really in Charge

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